Comment Guidelines

I love and welcome your comments.

I also love and value respect and integrity, and it is the explicit desire not to promote, advertise, or otherwise market on this website until I tell you otherwise.

In order to keep this community within those values, here are the guidelines:

1) It is ok to keep your comment anonymous, but I would request that you provide a pseudonym.

2) I will instantly reject and mark as spam any comment that has as its name the name of a business.

3) Please feel free to refer to your own blog or writing community, but any commercial website addresses will be deleted.

4) No swearing, foul language, epithets, insults or otherwise derogatory language will be permitted. (This includes but is not limited to slurs regarding: age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, employment status, gender, religion, or geography)

5) We disagree with dignity and respect. You are speaking to a human, and their idea is not the sum total of their identity. Comments may not use inflammatory language.

Thanks for helping to keep this community safe and engaging!