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Doing it Afraid 4: When the doing hurts

Posted on 30 Nov 2011 | 0 comments

It’s 4:26am in Los Angeles.
I’ve been “home” just about nine hours.
I can’t sleep, but that’s pretty normal for flying back in this direction.
I haven’t posted recently because the last two weeks have been 100% devoted to packing, shipping, and moving our lives back to the United States from Dublin. And those are just the practicalities.

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Commitment is Hard

Posted on 10 Nov 2011 | 0 comments

I saw this the other day and just about fell over I loved it so much.

You see, I’ve made a commitment to myself to continue being healthy. And any commitment is hard. It takes sacrifice.
Sometimes we make commitments when we should avoid them. Our lives are about choosing our commitments and sticking to them. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. What you accomplish in yours reveals the priority of your commitments. It is not because of other people that our dreams fail to become reality. It is because of the choices we make. We can commit to those things which enrich our lives or those things that deplete our lives.

Commitment is the stuff our dreams are made of.

If we don’t commit to them, then we wind up letting them slip through our fingers.
So cling to them tenaciously, commit to them, and commit to yourself.
Give yourself the permission to fail, but commit to always getting back up again.

What have you committed to (consciously or otherwise) that you would like to revisit?

What would you love to commit to for the next month in order to see the next bit of your dream come to life?

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The Hunt

Posted on 8 Nov 2011 | 4 comments

Well folks, here is the next installment of Emmeline, sponsored by NaNoWriMo. I hope to get back to my Holstee Manifesto Series once I’ve caught myself up with the novel. Hope you enjoy a bit of fiction this evening. Much love and warm fuzzies to all my readers.

As we approached the dragon, it stood its ground, barring our way. Derek placed his palm out in greeting, dragging me along behind him. I wasn’t precisely sure what the protocol was for meeting dragons, but I didn’t want to insult him by looking him in the eyes. So I kept my gaze downcast, even as it paced back and forth. Derek stopped, a bit confused.

“Lig, what’s the story?”

Apparently this dragon had a name. I didn’t like the way that it kept staring at me and snorting, however. And I’m guessing that Derek didn’t either.

“Derek, she is claimed.”

Derek looked at me directly, with a great deal of compassion in his eyes. “Emmie, I need you to answer this honestly, ok?”

“Sure, Derek.”

“Have you at any point in time, to your knowledge, made a bargain regarding your soul?”

“Are you talking like a Faustian soul sale? That’s ridiculous.”

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